Spring Dale College resonated with joy as it celebrated its much anticipated “Roshni Celebration – A Children’s Festival”. The school echoed with joy as students and staff alike immersed themselves in a day filled with festivities.

The day was marked with a heartfelt tribute to the college’s esteemed Founder Mother, Ma’am Krishna Sood, whose vision and dedication have been the guiding light for the institution. Students paid homage through speeches, poems, and musical performances, highlighting her pivotal role in shaping the school’s ethos. The entire campus buzzed with excitement as the Roshni celebration transformed into a children’s festival. Every class and section participated in various activities that not only entertained but also educated. Board decorations adorned the corridors, narrating the school’s journey under Ma’am Krishna Sood’s guidance.

Flower decorations added a touch of elegance, symbolising the blossoming growth nurtured by the founder. Cooking without fire showcased the culinary skills of students, fostering creativity and teamwork. Art took centre stage with painting and sketching activities. Students explored Mandala, Madhubani, and calligraphy, each stroke narrating a story of cultural richness. These artistic endeavors reflected the school’s commitment to holistic education, nurturing not just academic excellence but also a deep appreciation for culture and heritage.

Roshni Celebration, was not just a festival; it was an embodiment of gratitude,
creativity, and unity. As the echoes of laughter and the vibrant hues of art lingered in the air, it was evident that the celebration had not only illuminated the physical spaces but also ignited the hearts of every Dalian.