Remembering their founder father, Late Sir B.S.Sood in the best way possible
each year, Spring Dale Institution, on 24 September mark the day as, Felicitation Day, by honouring the hard work and academic success of their students along with acknowledgement for the young athletes who with their perseverance, reached the National Level.

This year too the school campus was a buzz with the bright students and their
proud parents. Invoking the Gods in Prayer, the lamp of knowledge and light
was lit by the parents of the proud Toppers, the Chief Guest and the gracious
members of the Spring Dale Management committee.

The chief guest, Mr. Saurabh Muherjee, a renowned and learned media figure, presently Assistant General Manager (RMD) Times of India, graced the occasion by his presence. The SDC banner fluttered an edge higher with names of each 90% and above being announced.

Almost 187 students being awarded with a Merit Certificate and Trophy each. ‘Boury Smiriti Award’, the highest award in the academic excellence was also given to the ISC and ICSE toppers. The coveted marks of the ISC Toppers, Agrini Ratna – 95.5 % and Vipul Srivastava – 95% along with the ICSE Toppers Inaaksha Srivastava -98.6%, Akshara Valecha -98.2 % and Kushal Singh – 96.2% were acknowledged with the deserving thunderous applause.

Working dedicatedly towards healthy bright all-rounders, we proudly
announce that 19 Spring Dalians would be the representives to the National level Sports for CISCE-UP/UK. Three times gold medalist at National level, Kunjal Pandey also received the ‘Rajeshwar Chandra Middha award’ the highest award, specifically for any of the sports achievements. Adding in the list of National Sports achievers of Spring Dale, Rudrakshi Dhyani, has bagged the bronze at National level karate Championship, till the recent update.

The school choir aptly concluded with the congratulations ‘Song’.

TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program, is an exclusive job program for individuals looking for full-time jobs after Class XII, thereby making them financially independent. Candidates undergo 12 months of training for entry-level IT services and digital support roles. This is a hybrid training program focusing on the overall education and personality grooming of students to make them job-ready.

Reiterating the theme- “Sports as an enabler for an inclusive and fit society” to celebrate the National Sports Day 2023 during 21 -29 August with pan-India sports events and engagement activities, the Indira nagar branch has been conducting numerous sports activities for the proposed week.

Spring Dale College, Indira Nagar proudly received the certificate of appreciation by the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports, for their enthusiastic participation in the week long activities.

In the world of Mass Media and Communication photos can make or break a story, thus positioning photography as a vital craft in itself. To coincide with “World Photography Day” the mass communication students of Spring Dale institution visited the photography workshop held at Kala Strot Art Gallery, Aliganj.

The workshop was abuzz with excitement as students gathered to delve into the world of visual storytelling. Through interactive sessions, hands-on exercises, and expert guidance, participants honed their skills in capturing captivating images.

With this introductory session the faculty and students plan to take the learning ahead reflecting on the fact that photographs add context and comprehensibility when incorporated thoughtfully.

SPRING DALE INSTITUTION, in association with UNIWIZARD Career Fairs organized a Global Career Fair at its Gomti Nagar Premises on Monday, August 7, 2023. Top National and International universities participated in the fair. The purpose of the fair was to inform the students about the upcoming careers and the relevant courses offered. These universities also provided information about scholarships both need and merit based.

Facilities for nominating counsellors for the students, special sports scholarships etc were also briefed. Besides the scholarships, the children were also given details of the state of the art facilities provided by the universities, the fee structure and placements. They were also apprised of the eminent faculties existing in those universities. Students were of the opinion that is was ‘an informative fair, beneficial for all fields. It led them to having lot of exposure to a variety of colleges and courses.’

Parents – Mr. Zahid Raza and Mr. Shivendra Sinha felt that it was a golden opportunity for them where they came to know about the vast career options and the college conducting the relevant courses. Most of them said that they did not know of most of the universities, it was totally an out of the world experience.

The students of Indira Nagar Branch visited the ‘The Times of India’, also known as TOI to see the mechanism and process of newspaper printing. The young Dale’ians of Mass Media and Communication were surprised when they came across tons of newspapers printed daily, the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation and largest selling English-language daily in the world.

They also noticed that ‘The Times of India’ is a broadsheet newspaper and its Uttar Pradesh edition is printed in its Lucknow branch itself.

Lending a helping hand in whatever way we can, to whomsoever we can …. Is not just what we owe to the society we live in but by doing so we make our own
self and others happy.

Once again we at Spring Dale are on our mission to honour ant pay homage to our esteemed founders, the great visionaries – Sir B.S. Sood and Ma’am Krishna Sood. The week started on 18 th of July and the topic of deliberation this year was ‘With a smile lend a hand of help… Kyun ki khush to woh hain jo
khushiyan bantte hain…’
‘Little acts of kindness, little words of love, make the earth an ocean and the heaven above’. Small acts of care and concern by the students for people around us who are in dire need came out as the foremost duty and desire for being happy individuals. During the brain storming sessions students came up with various ways in which they could be of help to the society.

Making the senior citizens tech savvy, teaching and sharing skills with the helper’s children, helping parents and grandparents with day to day chores, creating awareness regarding recycling and reducing carbon foot prints (buying refills only instead of whole body) were small examples of the initiatives taken by children. They thought of the action plan to execute their ideas which continued for the week. By the end of the week they felt happier, contended with a pledge to continue with their initiative. How to bridge the gap between the haves and the have – not is what one needs to ponder upon, was suggested by Prof. Atul Sood from JNU.

July 25, was the concluding day of the week which is the death anniversary of our Founder President Sir B.S. Sood. The Nukkad natak written and performed by the students conveyed the message that true happiness for self lies in lending a hand of help and bringing happiness to others. The meaningful song ‘khush hai who yahan jisne banti hain khushiyan’ created a ripple effect of positivity amongst the students and staff resonating the theme ‘With a smile lend a hand of help… Kyun ki khush to woh hain jo khushiyan bantte hain…

The week July 18-25, is being observed as Awareness Week across all the three branches of the Institution in the fond memory of our founders, Sir B.S Sood and Madam Krishna Sood. The origin of this idea was with the intention of arousing the society with critical and pertinent topics. Since 1995-96 we have been reasonably touching upon the minds and hearts of many.

The theme for this year is : “With a smile lend a hand of help Kyuki khush toh woh hain jo khushiyan bantte hain…This delicate feeling is fading out in many ways so to reiterate its joy and entirety, the students are displaying acts that delightfully impact them and the society as well.


International Yoga Day marked annually on June 21 is celebrated across the globe. Yoga is the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, the harmony of the soul and the symphony of life. Regular yoga practice is the symbol of health and well-being.

On this occasion children performed some asanas at the home with a guided video by the PTI of the school .Sharing a
glimpse of the same.

Always with us!

We bow our heads in homage to our beloved founder mother Krishna Sood on her 10th Death Anniversary. Her zest for life, resolve to do good and care, are motivation to us.

In fond remembrance garlanding of our founder’s memorial took place at their ‘Karm Bhoomis’ the three branches of Spring Dale Institutions – Indira nagar, Kanpur Road and Gomti Nagar Branch.