Awareness Week 2022

Spring Dale Institution observed Awareness Week which is not just an ordinary week, it is the awakening of RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL AWARENESS FOR ALL in the learning process, the vision of our Founders Mr. B. S. Sood and Mrs. Krishna Sood.

Each year with this aim in mind the students, teachers and staff at Spring Dale College observe the AWARENESS WEEK from 18th July to 25th July. The socially relevant topic for this year was…



The various important in roads to this, were taken on each day of the week.

  • Respecting and protecting the National / Public property
  • Gratitude does make the world a better place. These blessed virtues are a must.
  • The strength to follow the ‘Right and stick to it as one’s stand’ was inculcated and students noted it down as reiterated. The will to fight the wrong while protecting self, irrespective of age and gender, was most sensitively and appropriately highlighted.

This learning awakening week had multitude of activities for all classes of playgroup to Class XII . Skits poems and action songs all successfully drove home the need and importance for being RIGHT.

The senior most classes IX and XII wrote, directed and enacted the nukkad natak- “तू खुद को बदल, तू खुद को बदल , तभी तो ज़माना बदलेगा”. July 25, did draw the curtains on the related activities but the message kept resonating loud and clear in form of the stand taken by the students and the message in form of cards sent to the parents.

Spring Dale continues its march forward taking the learnings to the heart, mind and soul of each individual under its wings.

Its a proud moment for our Institution, the ICSE Results for 2021-22 is 100%. In all the 3 branches there are total of 61 students who scored above 90%.

25% students from each of the three branches are a part of this prestigious group. We are extremely proud of our teachers and students who put their best of efforts and work tirelessly to keep the flag of Spring Dale high and flurrying.

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The First PTM for class XI- Session 2022-23 and the Orientation Program was organised, in Spring Dale College, Indira Nagar & Kanpur Road branch, on 2nd July 2022 to guide and make aware the parents as well as the students in their most crucial year. The Orientation Program re aligned the parents gently towards their responsibilities of monitoring their ward’s study habits, friends , social media as well as nutrition. Hazards of mobile usage were also reiterated . A glimpse into the new subjects introduced along with their career options was also given. The importance of the School, Parent and Student being on the same page for learning and success was stabilized.

Always with us!

We bow our heads in homage and love to our beloved founder mother Ma’am Krishna Sood on her 9th Death Anniversary. Her zest for life, resolve to do good and care are motivation to us.

In fond remembrance a prayer meeting was held at the three ‘Karm Bhoomis’ of Ma’am Sood, the three branches of Spring Dale Institutions – Spring Dale-Indira Nagar, Kanpur Road & Gomti Nagar.

The pre-primary and primary staff of Spring Dale Institutions on 23rd May 2022 received an enriching training from the well-equipped training crew of View Sonic.

The installation of View Sonic View boards in our classrooms at SDC opened way to further integrate latest technology with time and tested teaching practices. The expertise and experience of the staff reached a level higher after being introduced to the innumerable features of the View board which comes equipped with AI technology in many tools.

  • The software integrates all video conferencing modes along with in built access to YouTube, Google and flawless student participation mode to name a few.
  • The software not only allows the teachers to create their own resource bank but also to access the resources which have audio, video, images, teacher’s voice and other features as a part of it.
  • The training opened up the expressway to live share their content via live streaming also.
  • The exercise proved to fine tune the present methodology with future requirements.

The session ended with an online quiz which also allowed the teachers to reiterate the knowledge gained.

Students of class IX-A & IX-B of Kanpur Road Branch presented a Nukkad Natak/Street Play on “Social Media Usage”.

The play focussed on how human basic virtues of empathy, kindness have been taken over by their hunger for the popularity on social media platforms. It sent a strong message on usage of social media in a positive manner.


Creative Intelligence is one of the most prized skills for the world today. Thinking innovatively, solving problems collaboratively and in teams, also taking the best of Arts and Design have all been now recognized as the future of education.

Rhapsody Plus, an educational organization set up by Prof. Anil Srinivasan, an internationally acclaimed classical pianist and academician, invited approximately 50,000 students from India and abroad. Spring Dale College was the only one selected from North India and about 800 students of all the three branches participated with curated projects in creative intelligence.

The program was a 3 week engagement like an internship but done in group setting. All students were divided in 156 groups of 5 members each. They got an opportunity to explore different pathways and 21st century skills and courses. The project encouraged collaborative learning, creative intelligence and higher order thinking skills.

Students of classes VIII, IX and XI had the chance of listening and interacting with eminent academicians and researchers from Harvard University, National University of Singapore and Indian Institute of Technology.

Students who achieved the merit certificate are:

Vaibhav Yadav, Varad Vinayak, Bhumi Sharma, Kartik Khandpal, Ujjwal, Arya Singh, Atharv Pratap Singh, Ayush Gond, Deep Raj Singh, Devendra Kumar Yadav, Vaishnavi Yadav, Divyanshi Srivastava, Aabha Wadhwani, Aanya Panchal, Aastha Dandona, Ayushi Singh, Harshpreet Kaur, Ishant Arora, Kashvi Rao, Khyati Srivastava, Aditya Kumar Rawat, Ajita Mishra, Akshay Verma, Anshika Tiwari, Anushka Singh, Himadri Rawat, Ishita Singh, Kanishk Rai, Kanishka and Maahi Chawla.

The school has introduced Hospitality, Mass Communication and Economics in the class IX. Students shall also be offered to opt for Mass Communication & Hotel Management in Class XI.

Subject & classes are being delivered by highly trained and experienced professionals from the Industry.

For more details, feel free to contact the school office.

14th of January is an important day for all Spring Dale’ians as we celebrate it as Founders’ Day, the day when the Founders’ vision was transformed into reality. The philosophy of Sir B.S. Sood and Ma’am Krishna Sood to impart value based education to the masses became an invincible reality. This vision remains the guiding star for the institution to grow in leaps and bounds.

This year the day started with the garlanding of the statues of our founders and a special virtual assembly to mark the importance of the day. It was followed by the online competition ‘Flickered’ 2022 which was initiated by the alumni last year. The students thoroughly enjoyed the competitions – Wanna be a Super Chef, Crazy drawing in time lapse video, scavenger hunt, making short film etc.

Parents also enjoyed helping out their children in compiling the videos. All in all it was an enjoyable experience for them.