Looking ahead and moving with the times has always been The Vision and Mission of Spring Dale .With this thought a personal enrichment workshop was organised for the teachers on 2nd December 2023.
The theme in sync with the NEP 2020 was ‘Assessment Strategy from the foundation to the middle stage’ and was taken by none other than Shree Ashok Ganguly  ex chairman CBSE, a policy maker and mentor to thousands of students and teachers.  He started the session with a need for a radical transformation in teaching and learning, due to the accelerated  development in all the dimensions of education. Today’s need is innovation not discovery. The one size fits all education system, needs a total revamp.  The academic scenario requires not good but great teachers and he gave tips for the same. Mr. Ganguly summarised the NEP with a ten point program, stressing on CPD for teachers.  Assessment strategy in the foundational to middle stage, requires a shift from summative to formative was another highlight of the workshop.
The three cardinal principles of framing a good question paper, characteristics of a good question and also the type of questions was the concluding part of the session. It was a truly enriching workshop by the veteran educationist.
The road ahead for NEP which seems complex was put forth in the simplest form.