The birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru our first Prime Minister is celebrated all over as children’s day. The special day was even more special as all of us got an opportunity to celebrate it along with the children in the school premises. To make the day enjoyable the staff members presented a variety of fun filled activities for the children as a part of the special assembly. Their joy doubled up as they entered the Mela ground.

The stalls were an eclectic mix of delicious eatables like the sumptuous veggie wraps, burgers and pav bhaji, the mouth-watering bhel puri and paani batasha, crisp and juicy jalebis, and children’s favourite chow mein, all prepared by the staff members.

The games corner was choc-a-block with children vying to win the attractive gifts. Feed the clown, chocolate wheel, bowling alley, ring the gift etc, kept the children and teachers on toes throughout. The parents as well as the children also participated in the games with the same enthusiasm. There was an aura of fun, feast and happiness. The parents and children returned with a contented look longing for more….