The educational and industrial visit to HCL IT City organised by Institution for the the students of class XI, Indira Nagar and LDA branches, proved to be a commendable initiative. The primary objective of gaining insights into the working and functioning of IT companies was well-executed.

The visit provided valuable insights into the operations of IT companies, allowing students to understand the industry’s dynamics and potential opportunities. The seminar on HCL’s Techbee program targeted at ISC aspirants was informative and well- presented. The interactive session facilitated a meaningful exchange of ideas and allowed students to engage directly with professionals, enhancing the learning experience.

The inclusion of a fun element in the form of a campus visit added a delightful touch to the overall experience. Students from both branches participated, fostering a sense of camaraderie. The visit successfully combined learning and enjoyment. It not only fulfilled its objective of providing knowledge about the IT industry but also created a positive and engaging environment for students. Such initiatives contribute significantly to holistic education. Overall, the event was well-planned, and the participants, including students and organisers, deserve commendation for their efforts in making it a meaningful and enjoyable experience.