The school has introduced Hospitality, Mass Communication and Economics in the class IX. Students shall also be offered to opt for Mass Communication & Hotel Management in Class XI.

Subject & classes are being delivered by highly trained and experienced professionals from the Industry.

For more details, feel free to contact the school office.

14th of January is an important day for all Spring Dale’ians as we celebrate it as Founders’ Day, the day when the Founders’ vision was transformed into reality. The philosophy of Sir B.S. Sood and Ma’am Krishna Sood to impart value based education to the masses became an invincible reality. This vision remains the guiding star for the institution to grow in leaps and bounds.

This year the day started with the garlanding of the statues of our founders and a special virtual assembly to mark the importance of the day. It was followed by the online competition ‘Flickered’ 2022 which was initiated by the alumni last year. The students thoroughly enjoyed the competitions – Wanna be a Super Chef, Crazy drawing in time lapse video, scavenger hunt, making short film etc.

Parents also enjoyed helping out their children in compiling the videos. All in all it was an enjoyable experience for them.

Every year 24th December is celebrated as ROSHNI “An annual Children’s festival” to commemorate the birth anniversary of Ma’am Krishna Sood who as a star illuminated the lives of many.

Various activities were conducted to make this day special for the students. A story telling session was done by the teachers of classes P.G to Class V. Teachers used props and with beautiful drawings enthralled the kids with the mesmerizing stories like “Magical Pot”, “Jar of Desire”, “Elephant and his friends” to name a few. A nativity scene was created by students of class V depicting the birth of Jesus. Students of Class VI – X made colorful drawings and sketches, which were a sight to behold.

About the Award

This award is being instituted from academic year 2021 – 2022 onwards in memory of Prabhash Sharma, who completed his K12 education from Spring Dale College. Since he had culminated his academic tenure as the Head Boy for the academic year 1996 – 1997, this award is being dedicated to students who assume the role of Head Boy and Head Girl from this year onwards.

The award carries no specific conditions except that the tenure must be completed fully by each of the recipients, with utmost degree of sincerity, diligence and humility. The eligibility of the awardees must be approved by the school management. The award consists of a one-time cash grant of Rs 5000 and will be awarded directly to the candidates/their respective guardian/s via the school.

Prabhash Sharma (13th Nov 1979 – 18th May 2021) was an alumnus of Spring Dale College from 1982 – 1997. He excelled in many disciplines throughout his school life, with special interest in General Knowledge. Prabhash was among the most popular persons at school and a very amicable, but at the same time very simple personality.

This award is to remind the generations to come at school of how a humble and unassuming leadership style can result in a multitude of lifelong relationships. In the post millennial world, where life goes on at the speed of thought, ability to take people along instantly by putting oneself out of the way is what Prabhash used to do innately. This not only got him collaboration but also a large number of friends for life and zero detractors. It’s impossible to be on the good books of every one of the seniors, juniors, peers and teachers simultaneously. Yet, what Prabhash has shown to us all that it is easily possible just by treating everyone with respect, giving space to opinions and opening your heart for friendship whichever way it comes from.

This award is to encourage the future alumni of Spring Dale College to lead and thereby live in harmony and be remembered for strength rooted in humility.

Spring Dale College, organised its annual inter school competition Spring Fest- the vibrant hues of learning with the theme ‘Reprendre’ from 23 to 30 October 2021. Many prestigious schools of Lucknow participated in various events and bought laurels to their colleges. Children showed enthusiasm in participating in events viz a viz. Vlog Creation, Enterprising Endeavours, Hyper-nova-lit and showed their creativity and innovation even though the events were conducted virtually. Events like Enterprising endeavours and innovation for sustainable development ignited the young minds to come up with ideas for new start-ups which was worth appreciating, the questions put forth by the judges were dealt skilfully. Mulling over one’s issues on their own is the need of the hour this was well portrayed by the participants through the event Dramatic Monologue. The young ones gave good messages dressed up as cartoon characters through the event LARP.

The musical events Taal Tarangini and Swar Sangam brought life to the event.

The closing ceremony on 30th October was conducted virtually with an input session by the host school in the form of a dance reflecting the theme Reprendre’ and the announcement of results of the events in the presence of all the participating schools



The Spring Dale Flag flies a few notches higher at the enviable achievement of Shivakshi Dixit a 2012 batch Spring Dale College, Indira Nagar ‘Topper’ with 96.2% in ICSE. A bright cheerful hard working child Shivakshi, has a stellar academic profile. She joined SRCC for B.Com honours  and M.Com

2ndRank in UP PCS was not enough for the eloquent speaker Shivakshi. She went forward and secured 64thrank in All India Civil Services exam.

Shivakshi We are proud of you.

As reported by Times of India on  Sep 25, 2021 


A Study by Spring Dale College Lucknow

At Spring Dale the learning never stops. Even during the ravages of Pandemic the students and the staff are moving ahead on this mission of learning as a true homage to the beloved founders Sir B S Sood and Ma’am Krishna Sood. The death anniversary of Sir B S Sood is observed as ‘Awareness Day’ on 25 th July, by taking up a socially relevant topic for discussion and deliberations.

To get to know the true impact a 360 degree Survey along with a Focused Group Discussion was conducted with students, teachers, parents as well as the other stakeholders that is the students of other schools and colleges. The survey respondents being 4,454 in numbers.

The main findings of the study pointed towards, experiencing severe physical strain, eye problems with postural compulsions, resulting in backache, headache, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, obesity. 22.7% reported insomnia. Uncertainty of board exams and its impact on the careers of the youth is an important concern. Parents and teachers observed behavioral changes in the children, like negative attitude, bunking classes, misusing the gadgets meant for educational purpose, not being sincere during online assessments, and have become aggressive. Students feel they have lost confidence and feel low in motivation, which otherwise was possible in the regular school days. Looking at the situation optimistically teachers and students became tech savvy and comfortable taking classes and studies went unhampered in spite of the lockdown.

Participants reported of learning new skills in their leisure time and this gave them a change in their monotony. Family bonding enhanced and altruism increased. The pie and graphical representations prepared by the Spring Dale students gives the picture in totality.


Spring Dale institutions will soon initiate an exercise to prepare a detailed draft for introducing ‘happiness classes’. The school has decided to think about ways to safeguard and cherish the happiness of students, parents and others associated with it.

Director Spring Dale institutions, Reeta Khanna, said: “Keeping in mind the stress level of a child in today’s world, ‘mission happiness’ assumes great importance. Spring Dale has decided to take up this mission of guarding and upholding happiness of everyone under its wings — students, teachers, mentors and even members of management.”

Many schools in Lucknow have either already introduced or are planning to start ‘happiness classes’. “Happiness — being a relative and abstract term — is an elusive concept. It is known through its outcomes — smiling faces, laughter and better overall performance in all spheres — academics, sports, creativity or cultural activity,” said Khanna.