24th of December the birth Anniversary of our founder Director Ma’am Krishna Sood is celebrated as Roshni – The Annual Children’s festival. The children marked the day by engaging themselves in various activities related to the theme – ‘These are a few of my favourite…..’

A puppet show was setup by the teachers as kids of any age like to watch it. Some students showcased beautiful shading, poster making, collage and other craft items where as others enthralled everyone by the notes of their guitar and also through their singing. The little ones spoke about their favourite games and their favourite personality. It was fun to watch the kids making eatables without fire.

It was a day marked with celebration and fun.

The season of festivities is here, the air is filled with happiness and vibes of enthusiasm and here we are with something exciting for all of you.
Its the carnival time….

Mothers need to realize that they are not just caretakers of home.
It is very normal for women to forget themselves after they become mothers, but after sometime they need to pause and reflect on their lost individuality and keep them in high sprits. Aiming towards this aspect our Gomti Nagar Branch and Edu Sports made a conjoined effort to bring back the fun and laughter through some stress releasing and fun filled games like flip the saucer, cross the river, popcorn race, etc. The mothers accompanied by their friends took part in various games organized with great enthusiasm. It was an opportunity for the mothers to relive their childhood and bring out their zeal and zest by participating in the various activities. The prize winners of the various games were beaming from ear to ear.

Spring Dale School, Gomti Nagar celebrated its annual day on 3rd November with great zest and enthusiasm. The function commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.

The theme of the function ‘Meri Awaz Suno’ –a reflection of my opinions encapsulated a plethora of cultural programmes beginning with the prayer dance. A contemporary dance depicting the theme held the audience captive with the grooves and the peppy song. Nature – Bezubano ki zuban was a glittering bonanza of musical performance conveying the message that nature does no harm to us if we don’t harm it. The next number was a dance drama conveying a strong message – educating the girl child and granting her freedom to voice her opinion. A lyrical quawwali – a duet between the children and the parents amused the audience. The plight of the differently abled depicted through mime stirred everyone emotionally. The opinion of common man was voiced through a street play. The feather in the cap was the hilarious item by the invisible ghosts who felt a dearth of space due to deforestation. The scintillating synergy dance – a fusion of Bharatnatyam and contemporary dance brought the curtains down to the hour long cultural programme.

The celebration began with the unfurling of the National Flag by the Director of the Institution, Sangita Midha Ma’am followed by the National Anthem which echoed in the entire campus. After the flag hoisting ceremony the Head girl, Harshita Singh gave a speech reminding the students of the sacrifices made by the great freedom fighters.

Talents are abundant. Each one is differently blessed with God’s gift. It is up to us whether we recognize our hidden talent or not, work on it or just live a boring life.

To present the theme ‘Be Unique, Be Different and Be Yourself’ children of class V of Spring Dale Gomti Nagar Branch came up on stage with their kaleidoscopic talent.

They recited a theme based poem ‘Only you’, performed a beautifully choreographed Vandana Dance and then from Mother Earth to nature, animals and humans they showcased uniqueness everywhere.

The programme concluded with a heart touching song ‘Kho na Jayein ye taare zameen par’

The nerve wracking and exciting inter branch competition Maths Fiddle was conducted at the Spring Dale, Gomti Nagar premises was held in two groups, Group A consisting of classes III, IV & V and Group B consisting of Classes I & II.

The participants of all the three branches enthusiastically applied the concepts of measurements, calculation, sharpness and accuracy of their brains to the questions put up in the various rounds.

Maths is everywhere….. every day in all acts of our lives. This ideology is what Maths Fiddle is essentially weaved around.

The laughter show hosted by the students of class IV doled out a healthy dose of laughter and tickled the funny bones of the audience. The children showcased their talents via an ‘Unlimited Fun’ show comprising of a ‘Hasya Ras’ dance which was highly appreciated by all, a laughter quiz show and a ‘Hasys Kavi Sammelan’ to name a few. The lazy dance by the boys made every one roll in laughter. The items – a skit ‘Yamraj ka isteefa’and the street play were successful in making the audience giggle in glee with their comic timings and rib tickling dialogues. The programme culminated with the grand finale song to the tune of ‘Wajah mat dhoondiye bas hans dijiye’. It brought an apt end to the presentation leaving the audience stress free and smiling broadly from ear to ear.

‘Time is an illusion’ rightly said by Albert Einstein but its role in our life is really very important, it helps everything and everyone to move on. The little ones of class III, Spring Dale School, Gomti Nagar branch tried to explain the importance of time through their class presentation. They started off with a very nice prayer ‘ishwar gulo gulzar…’ followed by a power point presentation that covered the evolution of time, next in line was a wonderful dance performance. ‘Endless time’ a very nice poem written by Rabindranath Tagore was also recited. Through a song ‘yeh waqt na thehra hai’ students showcased that time never stops it keeps on moving. The show culminated through a grand finale ‘samay ka pahiya chalta jaye’. The whole show was highly appreciated and applauded by the parents.