One can never truly teach unless they continuously learn, and this has been proven so true in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

These past few months have been hard and every teacher of Spring Dale Institution had to make a transition from regular classes to remote learning. Setting up new lesson plans, devising and recording videos, preparing materials, and finding new ways to connect with the students has been challenging and yet the most learning experience for each one of us, and all of this while juggling the effects of these crucial times on our personal lives as well.

Teaching Staff of Gomti Nagar Branch

Teaching Staff of Kanpur Road Branch

Teaching Staff of Indira Nagar Branch

The Management, appreciates the effort of every teacher for making things possible amid all the hardships. Together we shall continue to work hard and support each other to sustain these times as we pave the road to future.  


Awareness week that has become an integral part of Spring Dale institution is observed every year to commemorate the death anniversary of the two great visionaries of our school Sir B.S. Sood and Ma’am Krishna Sood who believed “Awareness is the greatest agent for change”.

Every year a social issue is taken up to apprise the students and their parents about it. This year’s social issue taken up for the awareness week is “Psycho – social impact of the pandemic – how to cope with it”. The Covid -19 pandemic has a heavy impact on health – both physical and mental leading to additional health problems like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear and social well being.

Since change is the demand of the present scenario the 5C’s taken for the week viz-care and concern, contributing to the change, cluttering and de-cluttering, staying calm and composed and being connected with near and dear ones aims to tackle the issue head on. Various activities will be conducted on the theme throughout the week aiming to switch from a negative mind frame to a more positive one to cope up with pandemic.

Day 1 – Gomti Nagar Branch
Self care and compassion for our front line heroes.

Day 2 – Gomti Nagar Branch
Contributing and Change for community development

Day 3 – Gomti Nagar Branch
Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity… Positive thoughts positive results..Negative thoughts negative results…Choose wisely

Day 4 – Gomti Nagar Branch
Celebrate family time and create memories…. Go for music, the best tool to calm you down.

Day 5 – Gomti Nagar Branch
Your connections to all things and people around you literally define who you are

Activities at Indira Nagar Branch

A leader, it is rightly said influences generations. Continuing to move on the path of our esteemed founders,we every year pay homage to them in the best possible way —by spreading the light of knowledge and awareness among all.
This year too undaunted by the pandemic up heaval, we at Spring Dale continued our journey but virtually choosing to reflect and ponder upon,
“The Psyco-social impact of the pandemic and how to cope with it.”
A glimpse of how our students of various age groups and teachers dealt with this. Our creative bunch, who let not a moment go by without making the most of it, ‘Positivity’ being the catch word. Our tiny tots of pre-primary, primary and middle school learnt during the lockdown period to stay positive and feel happy… yoga, exercise, cooking, drawing and painting.
Poems by the Students of Indira Nagar Branch
With dazzling lights and happy sights people entered the new year
All people wanted was a better future and staying close to their near and dear
But then entered the deadly Covid 19 into our lives
It started to spread every day all the time
The death rates went so high
People could only sit at their homes and sigh
For staying at home was the only option
And going out only led to our own destruction
The cure to this is yet to be found
and the news these days is the worst sound
Everything possible is being done
but honestly the effects seem to be none
Because the virus is spreading more and more with every rise of the Sun.
I wish I hope things start falling back into place again
Because this pandemic is making people insane
Not forgetting your hand sanitizer while leaving your house is a task
And most important is to wear a mask
Staying at home , maintaining a distance and washing hands regularly are advised the most
Because you don’t want to take in the virus and be a host.
By Taneeshi – Class X-C
Wash your hands! Don’t go out!
If you must, then mask it!
Lest you end up
in an unwanted casket.
Self isolating and avoiding the street,
trying not to lose your job
while making ends meet.
Still, Bezos, Ma, Zuckerberg and Gates
are making profits at dizzying rates.
While Big Pharma
is wringing it’s hands in anticipation
of the Big Vaccine
made available to every nation.
And while people will line up
to get the Big shot,
I’ll have a Corona
and drink it a lot.
Then there is my Company
that thinks it’s OK
to keep us at home
at 60 percent of our pay.
As the cost of living
gets dearer and dearer,
how can these suits at head office
look themselves in the mirror.
Can’t go to restaurants or movies
with a clear conscience.
No social contact, no hugs or kisses.
This is no nonsense.
Even if sport comes back
there’ll be no one in the stands.
I’ve had it with COVID-19,
I’m gonna go wash my hands.
By Anushka verma


COVID-19, The virus of CORONA
Originating from Wuhan in China,
Has created a unusual scare,
Crossing borders, on the Earth’s sphere.
From America to Zambia,
Everyone whether rich or poor;
Of any nationality and religiosity,
Is hit by the fear on their persona.
Till now in months
Many thousand lives are lost;
Unfortunately, one more shadow in cast.
LIFE, Virtually, has come to a standstill,
Including India, to a downhill.
Don’t panic; Fight the Pandemic!
Need to wash the hands frequently,
Remain in isolation, away from public,
Indside one’s home preferably.
Follow ‘JANTA CURFEW’ help save all
Honour deep rooted Indian saanskaar:
Greet people with a Namaskaar!
Persue unity and fight the fear
Stay HUMANE and have a vision clear..
By Aditi Gupta

Its joyful for us to share the results of
ICSE & ISC Examinations 2019-20. We wholeheartedly wish every student the very best for all their future endeavours.
May you all shine bright into the academic journey and beyond.

The International Yoga Day 2020 was observed by the students. A virtual meet was organised by the teacher incharge to conduct a yoga session and raise awareness about the many benefits of doing yoga. The idea of the International Yoga Day was first proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech at the UN General Assembly in 2014. Ever since 2015, June 21 is being celebrated as the International Day of Yoga, since it is the longest day of the year in the norther hemisphere.

The practice of yoga is believed to date back to the pre-vedic times, possibly to the Indus valley civilisation.

Yoga, which is essentially a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices, has many benefits. It can help reduce stress and anxiety by making you calm and also help with major health issues like obesity, diabetes and thyroid among others.

Our students were told about such significance and sensitised on how yoga can help maintain wellness both mentally and physically.

…you did not go alone,
for a part of us went with you.
You left us peaceful memories,
your values and love is guiding us, always!

Remembering our founder director; Mrs. Krishna Sood….
A memorial prayer meet was conducted over the digital conference platform and various staff members and alumni participated in the same.

Dr. Atul Sood, the Manager & Treasurer of the Institution, who joined us from New Delhi to pay the tribute, recalled Mrs. Sood’s dynamic personality and her core values of Empathy & Reasoning which is proving to be the most significant aspect under the light of ongoing pandemic and our actions to co-exist with the same. 

In her loving memory, we continue to carry the torch of enlightenment burning while Spring Dale Institution strives for excellence. 

Here’s our teachers…our frontrunners who have decided to keep progressing with willpower intact and the belief to overcome the difficult times because of the ongoing pandemic…  




Now since your summer vacation has started we hope you all are relaxing but at the same time you must be missing attending the everyday morning classes from home. But this was your privilege you have got it.

We are sure you must be missing school, your classroom, canteen, bus ride and many other things in the school campus. Though our Management has tried their best for the online classes. We hope you enjoyed it with decorum and regularity. Ofcourse the studies of the new class were in a new way. You would have never imagined that you will be taking virtual classes but yes it’s a reality today because of COVID 19.

Dear students it is for the health and safety of each one of us, the school thought of these virtual classes and our revered teachers have taken a lot of pain, to help each one of you to take the classes comfortably.

We hope being lockdown in homes, you are feeling secure and are not irritable or clingy neither regress. Must be sleeping, eating properly and taking all proper precautions of hygiene of self care as laid by the medical authorities and WHO.

This is a very challenging situation for each one of us on this earth, how bravely and positively you face each day depends on you and your attitude towards self and others.

At home with no helping hands are you able to do a bit to keep the home happily functional. If yes, you give a pat on your back you deserve applauds.

Your teachers expected you to be up in the morning regularly and punctually and be well groomed, in your home environment. If its an YES, there it is one more pat on your back.

After the strained e-classes, are you able to submit and complete your notes and assignments. Wow! You are quite efficient there’s another pat on your back.

Now are you keeping yourself well informed about the do’s and don’t for COVID 19, and helping others understand and follow it without getting irritated and loosing your cool. Bravo! You are a brand icon for REASSURANCE, ROUTINES AND REGULATIONS,  if yes add on one more positive marks for yourself.

Hoping you all are taking special interest in the present day problems surely using your think tank (mind) to come out with some creative  ideas, articles, techniques, to face the present situation. The problem can be sorted out at any level- family, neighborhood, community/society, city state , country or Humanity. There is so much you can do such as writing letters with your ideas to the authorities, creating art for older adults or sick, friends, sharing extra supplies instead of hoarding. If you have been able to do any one thing, take my words you have the capacity of being a super human being.


Keep your self-efficacy ( ability to exert control over one’s own behavior) high, during this time of fear  and uncertainty . You can play an active role in helping your own self, your family and community.

Take this time to enhance your own capacity for good command over language and communication by reading books and journals. This will help you in increasing your creative visualization and in turn your imagination can be translated into reality and be innovative in various fields for human growth and benefit like medicine, science and technology, communication, entrepreneurship, social upliftment by helping others to develop through the expansion of their own capabilities. Its relevant to tell you about Prof Amartya Sen the Nobel Prize winner in the year 1998 , who witnessed the Bengal famine in 1943 at a tender age of 10 years, he was so moved by the 1.5 million deaths because of the famine that he dedicated his life in working and developing of sophisticated measures of poverty and causes and prevention of famines. With hardly any technology and little resources if a 10 year old can think of giving so much to the world , can’t you give it a try with all facilities and support already existing for you.

 Spend your time constructively at home, there is so much to do:

  • Read books
  • Dance to music
  • Sing songs
  • Do the chores together
  • School work/ help your young siblings in their studies
  • Discuss sports, celebrities, friends
  • Play indoor games
  • See that your parents keep good health; they are taking proper diet, exercising etc
  • Give quality time to your parents and grandparents. Share the stories, articles you read with family, it can be healing and reassuring to you and others at home.
  • Spending 20-30 min with your parents happily will be therapeutic for them, they would look forward to it .

COVID 19 has got nothing to do with the way someone looks, where they are from, or what languages they speak, which car they drive. Be compassionate to people who are sick and those who are caring for them. Inspire yourself by reading stories of people who are working to stop the outbreak and caring for the sick people. Use trustworthy sites and sources to understand the correct picture.

You might be structuring your routine and life according to the home environment, lucky you, think of those children who are not so lucky to have a home, parent or family. This is the time, it provides you an opportunity to re-bond with others and tide over the anxiety for self and others too.

This is the time, that COVID 19, is giving you an education to lead, not follow. It should equip you for the future not keep you chained to the past. Use it as a domain of the greatest creativity and not be a slave of habit.

Stay safe and healthy.
Spring Dale college.   

Technology put to use the teaching learning process continues unabated at all the three branches of Spring Dale College. Coping with the present times Spring Dale is moving ahead with the set curriculum for all classes PG to XII with the Virtual classrooms.
This e-learning is enabling the teacher and students both to move with the laid down class syllabus ensuring uninterrupted dedicated imparting of education.
The videos and audios uploaded for the students not only add clarity and depth to the learning but also provide a magical window for the students to explore further. The special activity engaging videos for our tiny tots of Pre-Primary are all made with the vision of honing the motor and sensory skills. ‘Fun with Learn’ being our objective
The regular scheduled classes aid in bringing a ‘normalcy ’  in the otherwise disturbed scenario. They gently channelize the student towards organized routine time management.


What can make life good and meaningful???
Spring Dale College aims to look into this aspect of human life. Hence the introduction of HAPPYING HOUR under the Mission for Happiness banner. The main objective of the Happying Hour Classes would be to:

– Find out why happiness matters
– Discover keys to Happiness
– Build the happiness skill
– Understand the science behind being happiness.

With India at a dismal 144 th rank of a total 156 nations, Spring Dale believes we would be able to impact the students with the HAPPYING HOURS and help them with the balancing of their emotions and depiction of relevant emotions appropriately, make others happier and there is a sense of social support ,
freedom to make life choices and generosity. This will help them with the cost benefit analysis of critical level of that extra happiness and we may soon see our students at the policy level improving the country’s world ranking. The curriculum would be systematically investigating the positive aspects i.e. Strengths and Virtues of our students which would enable them to thrive and equip them with the potentials that would be utilized to make their life more fulfilling and make the society and country a happy place to live. Virtues of wisdom and knowledge, courage, love for humanity, justice, temperance , transcendence i.e to appreciate excellence, expressing gratitude, leading a goal directed life, would be focused in the classroom. It is through these virtues which would help in attaining happiness and meaningful life.

Spring Dale College has already been focusing on the various aspects of students personality, emotions, attitude to send the best of citizens to the outside world and now make Happiness contagious.

The school has a splendid group of versatile teachers who have already been wonderful in their profession of handling the students and guiding them through ups and downs, now they are busy enhancing their skill to give not only academically competent and good humans but also more happier ones.

Message for the children Spring Dale College during the ongoing Pandemic