Indira Gandhi Planetarium organised ‘Sun Watching’ session at Spring Dale School, Gomti Nagar Premises on 13 th May, 2023. More than 400 students watched the sun through telescopes. The planetarium arranged and installed two telescopes; the Lunt Solar telescope with H- alpha filter and Newtonian reflection telescope with Myler film solar filter for safe sun watching.

The Astronomy Club of India Gandhi Planetarium organized the whole event. They not only conducted huddles with students and made them aware about the sun, sunspots, solar flares, prominence, solar granules but also explained to them the working of telescopes, and the types of telescopes. Students were amazed to see the telescope, which was the first of its kind experience for many. They asked a lot of questions and were responded appropriately by the young astronomers of the Astronomy Club. The smiling and exuberant faces of the students conveyed more than can be put into words. Each of them had a different story to share and carried home with them an engaging experience that they will cherish all through their lives.