Creative Intelligence is one of the most prized skills for the world today. Thinking innovatively, solving problems collaboratively and in teams, also taking the best of Arts and Design have all been now recognized as the future of education.

Rhapsody Plus, an educational organization set up by Prof. Anil Srinivasan, an internationally acclaimed classical pianist and academician, invited approximately 50,000 students from India and abroad. Spring Dale College was the only one selected from North India and about 800 students of all the three branches participated with curated projects in creative intelligence.

The program was a 3 week engagement like an internship but done in group setting. All students were divided in 156 groups of 5 members each. They got an opportunity to explore different pathways and 21st century skills and courses. The project encouraged collaborative learning, creative intelligence and higher order thinking skills.

Students of classes VIII, IX and XI had the chance of listening and interacting with eminent academicians and researchers from Harvard University, National University of Singapore and Indian Institute of Technology.

Students who achieved the merit certificate are:

Vaibhav Yadav, Varad Vinayak, Bhumi Sharma, Kartik Khandpal, Ujjwal, Arya Singh, Atharv Pratap Singh, Ayush Gond, Deep Raj Singh, Devendra Kumar Yadav, Vaishnavi Yadav, Divyanshi Srivastava, Aabha Wadhwani, Aanya Panchal, Aastha Dandona, Ayushi Singh, Harshpreet Kaur, Ishant Arora, Kashvi Rao, Khyati Srivastava, Aditya Kumar Rawat, Ajita Mishra, Akshay Verma, Anshika Tiwari, Anushka Singh, Himadri Rawat, Ishita Singh, Kanishk Rai, Kanishka and Maahi Chawla.