The Krishna Sood Memorial Inter School Musical Theatre Competition was for the first time hosted by Spring Dale Institution, at Ganna Sansthan Auditorium, Lucknow on the 14th October, 2023. The vibrancy of the thespian talents of approximately 450 students from 12 esteemed schools filled the auditorium with ecstasy.
The idea of Cultural fest which will be an annual event of Spring Dale stems as an ode to Ma’am Krishna Sood, a woman of substance. Her exemplary life is worth a celebration. A peaceful co-existence is what each one of us desires; based on this thought the theme chosen for the musical theatre, in its year of inception was ‘HARMONY’.
The day started with the ceremonial lamp lighting by the dignitaries followed by a soulful prayer and the ethereal performances involving the participating teams. The audience was evoked with emotions as each self-scripted performance with the well weaved story line had a conscientious message to convey.
The participating schools presented a symphony of the various theatre elements, coming together, weaving stories around the theme – Harmony. The host school Spring Dale presented the inaugural session highlighting the theme for the day. Krishna Sood Memorial Theatre thus made a successful start.
Eminent theatre personalities – Shri Surya Mohan Kulshreshtha, Mr Punit Asthana, Mr. Gopal Sinha and author Dr. Navsharan Singh witnessed and gave their expert opinion and explained the nuances of theatre to the students. Schools that made to the top were CMS Gomti Nagar 1, Seth M. R. Jaipuria and Gurukul Academy. The judges applauded the students for their participation and briefed them the advantage theatre plays in the lives of individuals. Shri Surya Mohan Kulshrestha, the guest of honor told the students that with machines and technology, humans should not become machines rather maintain emotions, love and sentiments. If we fail then all development will be a waste. Theatre is a big source to sustain our humanity as it develops the personality by polishing the capabilities.
 Theatre also asks one to be creative because in a limited space one has to show a large number of things unlike movies, hence it develops imagination and creativity . The musical theatre concluded with a self-composed song spreading the message of sustainable development,” RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME TO DRAW THE LINE”