Creating an effective learning environment was another much-needed workshop for the teachers taking class VI to VIII at the Kanpur Road branch. Also, for the teachers taking classes from IX to XII at the Indira Nagar branch.

The learned speaker for both the days was Professor, Ex Dean Rakesh Chandra, Dept of Philosophy, Lucknow University. He focussed the need and attention of the teachers towards imparting value-based education. The concept for love and respect for self and then student brings out more was the message.

Prof. Chandra reiterated. The reward policy to get learning done being a good incentive. The teacher was the most important tool in the imparting of value education of the 3R’s where the fourth R for relationship was the most important in the young adolescent stage. The importance of life and confidence gain to be developed by the teacher. A respected individual does better, which is the important learning achieved.