Spring Dale Golden Jubilee Lecture by Padma Shri Ajay Kumar Sood, Distinguished Professor and Physicist on Nature Inspired Physics:  Why Do We Flock Together?, was held today, Monday 22, 2019 at KalaMandap, Kaisharbagh, Lucknow. More then 500 children and teachers attended the lecture from different schools of Lucknow.

Prof. Sood made fascinating linkages between his lab experiments and social phenomenon. He talked about collective behavior seen in many species. He argued how different behaviors can produce same outcomes. His talk challenged the commonly understood notions how no top down orders are required, there is no role of mental templates of orderly flocks, nor is there any role for telepathic communication. Talking about physics of life Prof. Sood said that movement of flocking of birds, marching locusts, and self-propelled particles are related with each other.  Based on his study of more then four decades Prof Ajay Sood said that we could explain patterns of collective behavior and the transition from dis-order to order without any reference to any central command.

Talking of what matters for explaining pattern of behavior is the shape, size and the context in which they individuals move. His lecture was followed by an interactive session with students that lasted more then one hour.


Professor Ajay Kumar Sood is President of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and Honorary Professor for Physics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Professor Ajay Sood has made outstanding contributions in both  hard and soft condensed matter that are profound in terms of experimental discovery as well as theoretical understanding. He has developed some of the finest experimental techniques, applied them to discover many fascinating natural phenomena, and used them to design sensitive devices for practical applications. Some of his research interests lie at the interface between physics and biology.

Prof. Sood has been honoured with a large number of prestigious awards which include the S.S. Bhatnagar Award (1990), TWAS prize (2000), G.D. Birla Science Award (2000), Bhabha medal of INSA (2002), Materials Research Society (India) Medal (2000), Millennium Gold Medal of Indian Science Congress (2000), M.N. Saha Birth Centenary Award of the Indian Science Congress (2003-2004), Sir C.V. Raman Award (2003), Goyal prize (2003), National Award in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, DST (2006), Bhatnagar Fellowship of CSIR (2007), G. M. Modi Award (2012), R D Birla Award for Excellence in Physics by IPA (2014), Life Time Achievement Award by Optical Society of India (2016), Distinguished Alumnus Award of IISc (2016) and MRSI Distinguished Material Scientist of the Year (2016).

The Education Foundation Lucknow was founded to take the mission and vision of founders of Spring Dale Institutions (Shri B. S. Sood, 1923 – 1994 and Smt. Krishna Sood, 1928-2013) forward. The Foundation strives to achieve excellence in pedagogy, curriculum and systems of education, improve educational access and find ways to move towards a more equitable, humane and peaceful society by engaging in research, dialogue and advocacy.


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