The Management’s Message


Dear All,

We welcome you to the Institution’s website and take this opportunity to seek the blessings of our founders to help us to strive for the mission and vision of Spring Dale Institution, as one.

Spring Dale Institution, is synonymous with quality education and to foster an all-round development in its wards, with embedded values and belief system. Established in the year 1970, the school was setup with a humble start and today the temple of learning takes pride in giving back to the society, in terms of talented young minds and acting upon the cause of building a better nation for tomorrow. We are extremely happy to share that the Institution in due course has held as the pinion in our progressive society, through the hard work and dedication of our teachers, staff members, and fellow members of the management.

The dream of our founders has finally taken its course of reality. They believed, that our happiness which we create for ourselves by showing courage and performing our duties, is the happiness in true sense and will stay with us forever. With the same hope and our sincere efforts we look forward to help create many more happiness stories through our Children, Teachers, Parents and all the citizens of our society, at Spring Dale Institution in the times to come.

We hope that the institution’s website, give you an insight upon the happenings of the School, the new developments in the mission and the initiatives of Spring Dale School & Yamuna Devi Shilp Kala Kendra, Lucknow.

Wishing you, all the best and we believe that together we can, create a meaningful vision for our generations and look forward for better times in building the nation of tomorrow.


The Management
Spring Dale Institution, Lucknow



The President’s Message


A school is a temple of education. It requires different methodologies, teaching aids and correct environment for teaching-learning process, in addition to class rooms and teachers. principles and values that are committed to partnering parents in raising the next generation of leaders.

A school not only keeps in teaching-learning process but also is an important asset to the society. We look forward in ensuring that each student is consistently guided to become a caring and competent member of society and a better human being.

I admire with great pride that today the Institution, shares the center point in our progressive society, and all this was only possible through untiring efforts of our strong team of Teachers, Administration and the support staff.

May the almighty bless each and every member of this family, the strength, dedication and prosperity to grow and flourish the rest of the world, far and wide.