Class Presentations at Gomti Nagar Branch

Class presentation of Class I

Cl 1 bThe children of Class I at Gomti Nagar Branch took up the theme ‘Surya – The golden source of the universe’ to apprise us all about the importance of the sun in our lives.


Cl 1 dThe programme started with the stage in darkness which conveyed the message that without sun there is no life on Earth and as soon as the sun rose everything became full of life. The Surya mantras and the song “Bhor aaya gaya andhiyara” was appreciated by all. The children portrayed the theme through songs, poems, skit and dance. The grand finale song “Suraj neh li angrai, Chanda ki hui vidai nai subah aye…..” brought an apt end to the programme.

Cl 1 e


Class Presentation of Kindergarten

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting …. this presentation by the kids of K.G class was worth a watch. The children introduced the amazing eight planets through dramatisation, rhymes and songs. The spiralling journey through the horizon was smooth and flawless because of the young narrators.

Cl kg 3
The scintillating dance performances on ‘Jag mag karte chand aur tare’ and the finale song ‘Suraj ka ghar chanda ka tikana’ was well appreciated by the parents.