Annual Day 2017 at Indira Nagar Branch


Keeping in mind, the holistic development of the students, the Spring Dale College, Indira Nagar Branch celebrated its Annual Day on the November 24, 2017. The programme began with welcome address and the Annual report presented by the Director of Spring Dale Institutions and the Principal of Indira Nagar Branch, Mrs. Reeta Khanna.

An enthralling and mesmerising programme “Dastan hai yeh dastan aadi se anth tak shoonay se ananth tak” was presented by more than 300 students. This year’s programme was quite different from the ones performed earlier. The essence of the programme was saga of evolution-evolution of the earth, the various seasons adorning our Mother Earth, journey of man, the prayer that man offered to the Fiver Elements, scientific and technological development and how this development has helped mankind to conquer various diseases, distance and bring closer the entire world, the creeping in of the competition and how it is spitting us and dividing us and not to mention the social evils in the society world-wide.

DSC_9633The students with their various enactment, narration, prayer, dances, songs, power point presentation kept the audience rooted to their seats. The message where we are heading to was beautifully conveyed. The young generation vowed to join their hands and move forward to spread peace and harmony on the mother earth. The elite audience appreciated the show by giving standing ovation to the students who had performed meticulously.

 Major S.K. Khanna (Retd), the president Spring Dale Institutions appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers in putting up a brilliant show and showered his blessings on all the participants. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks by Director Mrs. Sangeeta Midha.