Annual Day 2017 at Gomti Nagar Branch

1The annual function of Spring Dale School Gomti Nagar was portrayed on the theme ‘Team work –the essence of co-operation’ on the 11th November 2017. The programme commenced with the human pyramid giving the message of importance of team work. The welcome dance was a wonderfully coordinated blend of dandiya, Garba, Tribal and Cheraw dances. The flight of geese conveyed the virtue of trusting each other and working together. The cute and hardworking ants depicted by the small pupils highlighted the worthiness of perseverance. With great precision children presented the smooth transitions in the maze drill and the army jawans marched with enthusiasm to the tune of ‘kandhon se milte hai Kandhe’.

It was great fun to watch the tug o’ war between the pupils and parents. They were happy to see their children performing the fun races and winning medals.

The lyrics of the grand finale ‘haath mein haath hai chal diye saath mein’ brought an apt end to the day’s programme.