Workshop :: Make you happen by ConsciousLeap

Education Foundation

Make you happen

Inherently endowed with phenomenal potential, every individual has the abilty to make it happen. In today’s world when there is endless possibility and availability of avenues for individuals to explore and use it for their advantage, the pursuit of doing this can be daunting. While the youth have to go through the times of crucial decision, they often face confusion and indecisiveness.

What’s next? Which path does one take? How does one find success that is fulfilling as well as befitting their potential?

IMG-20170804-WA0017Spring Dale College, under the aegis of Education Foundation organized a workshop for the students of Class XII at the Kanpur Road Branch and the Indira Nagar Branch in partnership with ConsciousLeap.

Head Team ConsciousLeap is dedicated to delivering tools that empower the youth to make holistic decision to manifest their dreams. Rooted in the present reality, the program was aimed to inspire the students to find and fuel their passion, enabling them to pursue and achieve their goals.

DSC06486“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”

  • Oprah Winfrey

The day started with “List all your dreams”, where the students were guided to list down their dreams and aspirations for short term and long term pursuit.

Discovery of skills was another segment in the workshop, where students were guided to brainstorm on their existing skills and the skills they need to acquire in order to achieve their dreams and goals.

DSC06552“Manifesting Warrior” was another interesting segment of the day where students were addressed about the significance of will power, passion and confidence to drive their pursuit from dreams to goals.

The workshop concluded with motivated students to recognise their potentials and channelize their inner warrior power.