WoW Classroom – workshop for teachers…


Teachers are now called the facilitators and classrooms are no more just a room with four walls. Education foundation, initiated its operations in the year 2014 with Memorial Lecture Series based on different aspects of learning and capacity development of the teachers and academicians.

A workshop titled, ‘Wow Classrooms’ by Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra was organized with the idea to generate enthusiasm in teachers, boost their confidence and generate higher morale for the cause of learning and growth of the children.

The one-day workshop was majorly based on the topics of classroom management, online reputation management, cloud presence and building a better equation with the students.

The teachers were addressed about the significance of online presence and how to bridge the gap with the present generation of students. Times when unlimited information is minable through the use of Internet, it is extremely important for the teachers of today to keep a pace with the millennial generation.

In order to facilitate learning, it is also important for the teachers of today to explore every new means and source of knowledge. Days are gone when knowledge was just limited to books and lessons possible only inside classrooms.

With the increase of Internet dependence, it is also important for all of us to monitor the healthy use of this modern day technology. To instill creativity and multidimensional learning, we must have discussions, debate and dialogue based on topics outside the book and curriculum.

In the workshop, the teachers were also assigned a group activity to brainstorm, prepare and conduct a talk on topics like,

  • Classroom barrier
  • Distractions during classroom management
  • Managing learners
  • Problem parents
  • Parents satisfaction

The workshop concluded with sharing the titles of books written by Dr, Dheeraj Mehrotra and a successful sum up of the day by the teachers.

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