Recent activities at Gomti Nagar Branch

Circle Day

IMG-20170428-WA0037Circle Day was organized on 28th April,2017 by the little ones of Play Group. Classroom was decorated with circle shape objects like ball,Sun,coin,wheel,plate etc. Children came in party dress and were looking pretty in their colorful outfits. Children engrossed themselves in coloring circular shape objects. They too brought circular shape eatables like smilies,puri,chapati,biscuits and many more. Group activity was conducted in which they made circular shape hangings. Children took keen interest and participated actively in all the activities. They too were given cut out of Sun as a take away.



Red Color Day

2-2Red is the colour which attracts children the most. The little ones of Play Group, Gomti Nagar branch celebrated ‘Red Colour Day’ with lots of fun and a few activities. They all were dressed in red attire and were excited to make flowers with their finger prints. They also made clay balls with red clay and recognized all the red objects present in the class. A crepe paper rose was given to each one of them while going home and the take home gift brought a rosy smile on their face.


World Earth Day


“We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors we borrow it from your children”.

3-2 8 World Earth Day observed all over the world on 22nd April every year was observed in our school too. The children were apprised about the importance of the three R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. To save ourselves we must save our planet – with this theme the children of classes IV to IX were asked to make innovative things out of waste. The children of classes IV & V were asked to make useful things out of plastic bottles. 9

They made hanging pots and bird feeders. The students of classes VI & VII used old CD’s to make wall hanging, table lamps, pencil holders, Piyush Singh of Class VII made a moving electric cart which was truly an ingenious idea. The students of class VIII & IX used dry leaves to make various things like mats, bowls, plate, spoons, a photo frame of Ganeshji using dried leaves, which was made by Aishwarya Rai and Sumedha Srivastava was really worth appreciating.

1-2Throughout the year the Eco Club will keep working on the theme of ‘Waste Management’ as their bit to save the planet Earth.


Yellow Colour Day


Play Group the charm of Spring Dale Gomti Nagar, celebrated ‘Yellow Colour Day’ the colour which is as bright as they are. The cutest members of Spring Dale family made lemonade in class, they got to know its taste and smell and were delighted to sip it with straw. Later they coloured yellow object and took home a crepe paper marigold each, matching with the yellow colour of their dresses.