Book reading and a talk with the author…

2Under the aegis of ‘Education Foundation Lucknow, Spring Dale organized a session for Classes VIII to XII in collaboration with ‘the Booknerds’ with the mission to create an ecosystem of book clubs across India which will bring back the love for reading. The theme for the session was ‘The thrill of book reading, the charm of writing.’

The students got an opportunity to interact with Mamta Chandel – a writer and poetess; she talked about her work ‘Nostalgia’ and brought the students to write their stories with an opening and ending line within ten minutes. The best story writer was awarded with recent publication of the author. The students were made involved in an interactive game ‘Spell Nerd’. The winner of this game was declared as the first Spell Nerd of Lucknow.

The students enthusiastically shared their reading experiences, talked about their famous writers and their work. They were enlightened about various aspects of poetry. The Spring Dale’ians learnt a great deal from the session and stated that their reading and writing passion was reignited. Listening to the teenage poems of the young poetess they left the hall with an urge to writer and explore the joyous world of books.