World Health Day 2017

Health Day – 07 April 2017

Indira Nagar Branch

DSC05634The Health Club members spoke on the World Health Day bringing light the main health concern ‘Depression’ for the year 2017. The benefits of practicing yoga were highlighted and a few ‘Asanas’ were performed in the assembly by all the students. Health tips were also given to the students.



Gomti Nagar Branch

DSC03122On the occasion of World Health Day members of the health club apprised the children about the theme taken by WHO for the current year i.e. ‘Depression – Let’s talk’.
In the assembly they were told about the causes of depression and how to overcome it. The children were encouraged to talk to their parents, peer group, teachers or whom so ever they were comfortable with to come out of their depression or rather not become depressed. They were also told to inculcate or pursue their hobbies to avoid any kind of stress.
DSC03121A few acupressure tips were also demonstrated to overcome fear, anger, anxiety and depression by applying pressure on the fingers of their hands one by one for a minute. The children enthusiastically followed the instructions.
A writing activity was conducted for middle school children where they had to express what is the most stressful thing for them. Primary school children were asked to depict yoga as a way of life through their drawings.


Kanpur Road

DSC03541World Health Day was celebrated on 7th April, 2017, by the students of Spring Dale College, LDA branch. The theme was ‘Depression’ and a lot of information was provided on the same. To add to the celebration, the tiny tots sang a lovely song, teaching everybody about the importance of health and hygiene. the senior students also came forward with a skit to acquaint everyone with good eating habits. ‘Depression’, the root cause of today’s health problems, was talked about. Also, the measures to overcome it was talked about at length.