Recent activities at our Kanpur Road Branch


White colour day
White colour day was organized on 21st February 2017 by the little one’s of play group. They came in white colour dress and the classroom was decorated with cut outs of white colour objects like- garlic, moon , egg, chalk, paper, lamb, swan, and many more. An activity was conducted in which children made snow man out of white colour clay and had lot of fun. With┬áthis the concept of white colour is more clear to them.


Show and tell- play group activity

Show and tell activity was organised for the play group students. The day to day use objects were shown to the children like- ball, book, bottle, chalk, table, pencil, slate, apron, napkin etc. Little one’s has identified them and spoke few lines on the object shown to them regarding the shape, colour and utility. This activity made them well aware of the things in their surroundings.