Guest Lecture on Safe Internet Surfing & Women Rights Safeguarding

Under the aegis of Education Foundation Lucknow & Spring Dale Institution, a Guest Lecture was organised on the topic of Safe Internet Surfing & Women Right Safeguarding on 29th July 2015 at the Indira Nagar Branch of the School.

The Guest  Ms. Sutapa Sanyal (ADG) from the Mahila Samman Prakash & the Human Rights Commission was invited to speak with the students on the relevant topics. The presentation laid emphasis upon the Rights of the women & the law framed in our country in order to safeguard the rights.

Another Guest, Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi, the Addl. SP-STF-UP Police was also invited. Dr. Chaturvedi addressed the students on the topic of Safe Internet Surfing and healthy practices so as to avoid falling pray to Hacking / Phishing / Image Morphing & various other malpractices prevalent over the Internet Media.

On the event, the students also got an opportunity to share their respective apprehensions and their queries were duly addressed in the gathering.