Teachers Workshop :: Education Foundation

After the success of the first workshop titled ‘Learning Crisis in India’ conducted by Mrs. Vimla Ramchandran the second workshop which was conducted in the school premises was on “Class Management”. The resource person was Mr. Chandra Shekhar Varma, Director ‘Resource Management Group’.

The workshop was divided in three modules. The first session was on understanding the child’s perspective, circumstances and background. There was an open discussion around various problems children and teachers face with each other.

The second module was do’s and don’ts for the teachers and various methods of effective teaching were demonstrated through small but interesting examples.

The last module was on how to make the classes more effective and meaningful. There was also a discussion on ways to manage the class. The small ice-breakers, dumb charades, Chinese whisper, throw and catch, etc. were examples of different effective teaching and class management.

All in all it was an interactive workshop and the participants were totally engrossed and participated enthusiastically in all activities. The workshop also guided the teachers to treat the subjects differently by making students comfortable and updating our own selves and changing our mindset. The workshop was informative and the best part was that most of the things could be easily implemented in the class room. All the participants were greatly enriched by this innovative workshop.

The workshop concluded with light music in which both teachers and Mr. Varma himself participated. The education foundation will continue with their endeavor to enhance the teaching and learning skills.