What can make life good and meaningful???
Spring Dale College aims to look into this aspect of human life. Hence the introduction of HAPPYING HOUR under the Mission for Happiness banner. The main objective of the Happying Hour Classes would be to:

– Find out why happiness matters
– Discover keys to Happiness
– Build the happiness skill
– Understand the science behind being happiness.

With India at a dismal 144 th rank of a total 156 nations, Spring Dale believes we would be able to impact the students with the HAPPYING HOURS and help them with the balancing of their emotions and depiction of relevant emotions appropriately, make others happier and there is a sense of social support ,
freedom to make life choices and generosity. This will help them with the cost benefit analysis of critical level of that extra happiness and we may soon see our students at the policy level improving the country’s world ranking. The curriculum would be systematically investigating the positive aspects i.e. Strengths and Virtues of our students which would enable them to thrive and equip them with the potentials that would be utilized to make their life more fulfilling and make the society and country a happy place to live. Virtues of wisdom and knowledge, courage, love for humanity, justice, temperance , transcendence i.e to appreciate excellence, expressing gratitude, leading a goal directed life, would be focused in the classroom. It is through these virtues which would help in attaining happiness and meaningful life.

Spring Dale College has already been focusing on the various aspects of students personality, emotions, attitude to send the best of citizens to the outside world and now make Happiness contagious.

The school has a splendid group of versatile teachers who have already been wonderful in their profession of handling the students and guiding them through ups and downs, now they are busy enhancing their skill to give not only academically competent and good humans but also more happier ones.